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Chain Lift Compactors

LSM UK have a wide range of chain lift compactors, all of which are selfcontained with a subframe according C.H.E.M. technical standards (British standard).

Ideal for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and apartment blocks.

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Chain Lift Compactors

For more information on our chain lift compactors see the machine drawings and technical specs below.

Chain & Bin Lift Z Type

Model A B C
Z-6 3920 3730 1650
Z-8 4470 4280 2200
Z-10 5020 4830 2750
Z-12 5570 5380 3300
Z-14 6120 5930 3850


Chain Lift SW Type

Model A B C D
MP–16–SW 5700 5405 3100 6860
MP–18–SW 6100 5808 3500 7260
MP–20–SW 6500 6205 3900 7660
MP–22–SW 6900 6605 4300 8060
MP–22–SW 7300 7005 4700 8460


Chain Lift/Mobil Lift

  • Travers with front roll-rollers
  • Shovel
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Adjustable container – holders
  • Safety fence
  • Control panel
  • Power socket
  • Power pack

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