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Mill Size Baler (V50)

UK businesses looking to turn waste material into revenue can rely on the V50 mill size baler. Suitable for high-volume users, our mill size baler creates bales optimised for transport and revenue return.

Recommended for use in Supermarkets, wholesalers, department stores, manufacturing plants, logistics centres, and multi-product recycling.

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Engineered for ease of use and continuous efficiency, the V50 features a true 50-tonne press and powerful integrated kicking mechanism to eject finished bales safely onto a pallet. It provides effective waste handling for cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and aluminium materials.

The V50 is available with an optional automatic opening guillotine door.

  • True 50-tonne pressing force and long stroke cylinder
  • Easily adjustable bale height
  • Automatic operation or manual cycles
  • Simple, low-voltage user controls
  • Floating and fixed retention fingers
  • External power pack
  • Powered bale kicker, easy-tie system and heavy-duty door clamp

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mill size baler pressing force

True 50-tonne pressing force and long stroke cylinder for maximum compaction, producing 400 - 500 kg bales

adjustable bale height

Easily adjustable bale height

automatic bale cycles

Automatic operation or manual cycles for higher-memory materials like plastic

mill size baler voltage usage

Simple, low-voltage user controls

mill size baler bale size

Powered bale kicker, easy-tie system and heavy-duty door clamp for easy and safe operation

baler floating and fixed retention fingers

Floating and fixed retention fingers for optimised baling

mill size baler external power pack

External power pack for easy service and maintenance


  • Bale size: 1000mm H (variable) x 1200mm W x 800mm D
  • Bale weight: 350–550 kg
  • Cycle time: 45 seconds
  • Compaction force: up to 50 tonnes
  • Dimensions: 3055mm H x 1985mm W x 1130mm D
  • Fill opening: 1200mm W x 640mm H
  • Machine weight: 1870 kg
  • Power: 3 Phase 380/400 V 7.5 kW motor
  • Noise level: 74 dB
  • EN16,500 Compliant
  • IP 54 Standards
  • PLC controller with auto cycle and bale full light


  • Tractor Mounted
  • Marine specification
  • Automatic opening guillotine Door
  • e-Power (3 Phase 380/440 V 4 kW motor)
  • PET version
  • Rear fill
  • Electronic weighing system
  • Annual service contract
  • Galvanised

Our Customers

As the UK’s leading waste baler specialist, LSM supplies shops, garden centres, hotels,
hardware stores, farm shops etc. with waste solutions for various recyclable materials
including cardboard, paper and plastics etc.

Could the right waste baler pay for itself?

Selecting the right baler for your business can
reduce waste collection fees and actually earn
you money, by turning that waste into a saleable
commodity, baled and ready for collection.

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Why a baler is key to efficient waste removal

Using a baler significantly reduces the labour involved
in flattening boxes manually and improves waste
management by compressing recyclable waste,
enhancing the efficiency of your business.

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