Why LSM Balers?

Manage our waste better, make our world better.

With more than 20 years of expert engineering and innovation go into every LSM product, providing you with the tools to transform your waste handling.


From cardboard and plastic to glass, cans or tyres, LSM can tailor a custom waste baler solution for you, installed at a single UK location or across multiple sites globally. LSM equipment is compacting waste in all kind of businesses, from corner shops to cruise ships, across the UK and beyond.


Available to buy or rent, the full range of competitively priced LSM balers is available throughout the UK. Outstanding efficiency ensures our machines offer time, cost and energy savings. Long lasting and easy to source components also ensure fewer, faster and easier servicing.


LSM waste balers are designed and manufactured with precision lasers to cut components from flat plates, creating stronger, more durable parts than typical box section cut components. Using only the highest quality parts provides the ultimate in baler reliability.


Dynamic power technology helps us deliver dramatic energy savings. Our innovative, industry-leading e-Power solution allows you to power a small baler from a standard household outlet. Efficient motor performance also provides greater compaction for tightly packed bales, allowing you to compact more waste in less time.


LSM is dedicated to environmental efficiency, not just in our products, but also in our manufacturing. We take every step to reduce our carbon footprint, using cutting-edge production techniques to reduce manufacturing waste and create longer lasting products. Our innovative power technology also uses less energy to compress more waste, while low voltage user controls draw less power and improve safety.


Our mission is to design and manufacture the most efficient, high performance balers available, engineered for long-term reliability and enhanced safety. Continuous innovation supports this process – because every LSM baler is made to last for many years to come.

Ready to cut costs?

Check out our guide to creating a more economical and efficient recycling process.
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Could the right waste baler pay for itself?

Selecting the right baler for your business can
reduce waste collection fees and actually earn
you money, by turning that waste into a saleable
commodity, baled and ready for collection.

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Why a baler is key to efficient waste removal

Using a baler significantly reduces the labour involved
in flattening boxes manually and improves waste
management by compressing recyclable waste,
enhancing the efficiency of your business.

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Our Customers

As the UK’s leading waste baler specialist, LSM supplies shops, garden centres, hotels,
hardware stores, farm shops etc. with waste solutions for various recyclable materials
including cardboard, paper and plastics etc.