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Why a waste baler is key to efficient waste removal

Most businesses in the UK generate waste. From shops and hotels to factories and farms, waste must be collected and removed on a regular basis to prevent hazardous and unsightly rubbish piling up. Improving your waste management by sorting, compressing and recycling waste can significantly enhance the efficiency of your business.

Waste balers have an important role to play in this process. Using a baler to mechanically compress waste means it can be and bound into uniform bales, ready for collection. Not only does this create a tidier workspace, it also enables you to recycle more of the waste you produce, significantly improving the eco credentials of your business.

All kinds of waste can be baled including tyres, metal and paper. Many materials, such as cardboard, can be sold once baled, allowing you to generate revenue by recycling waste. Add to this the cost savings achieved by reducing your general waste collection, and it’s clear that a waste baler is a vital component of any effective waste management strategy.

Create a waste management plan

A clear plan can help you to realise potential savings from more efficient waste handling and disposal. Begin by identifying the types of waste generated by your business and deciding how each type should be disposed. Check with local waste collection and recycling companies to find out what services are available and establish a collection schedule for the removal of each waste type.

Bear in mind that some waste carriers may separate, and recycle, your waste after collection. Most waste carriers will also charge according to the volume of waste collected and/or the number or frequency of collections. Taking these facts into account, you may want to separate, sort and bale your waste prior to collection and to identify appropriate recycling services where possible.

Separate and bale your waste

Minimise the time and effort involved in waste management and recycling by separating recyclable materials at source, as you collect them. Providing clearly labelled bins for cardboard, tyres, and cans etc. means you won’t have to sift through general waste or identify recyclables when it’s time for collection. If you run a restaurant, hotel or store, consider providing divided collection bins so customers can dispose of food waste and recyclables separately.

Once waste has been sorted, it’s time to bale it. Consolidate waste and cut trips to your waste balers by installing them near your separation and collection area if possible. Think carefully about where you locate your waste balers to improve the workflow within your organisation and reduce the time and effort involved in waste handling. Using a cardboard baler will significantly reduce the labour involved in flattening boxes manually as well as increasing the volume reduction you can achieve. Moreover, if you cycle your card baler a couple of times each day, using the chamber of the baler itself as your waste collection point could increase efficiency further still.

Choose recyclables

Recycling your waste is often cheaper than general waste disposal, and in some cases, can earn you money. Although prices fluctuate, recycling mills can pay up to £60 per tonne for dry, baled cardboard. And it’s not just packaging that can be recycled. Most volume waste products, such as cups and plates, are now available in paper form. Paper compacts better than many other materials, meaning you can pack more into a bale. Opting for paper and card therefore helps you keep waste out of landfills and can even increase your profits through recycling.

Whatever kind of waste you’re generating, whether it’s cardboard or even tyres, choosing the right waste baler will enhance the efficiency of your waste management and recycling and reduce your running costs. With compact balers for low volume demand, mill-size balers for greater throughput, or horizontal balers for high performance compaction, LSM equipment can transform your waste handling. And with the option to lease or rent a baler, rather than investing in equipment upfront, the cost of overhauling your efficiency could be less than you think.

To discuss your waste baler requirements, or for more advice on selecting the right waste baler to help you maximise your return on investment, contact LSM’s UK team.

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Why a baler is key to efficient waste removal

Using a baler significantly reduces the labour involved
in flattening boxes manually and improves waste
management by compressing recyclable waste,
enhancing the efficiency of your business.

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