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3 Unexpected Ways Recycling Benefits Small Businesses

Many small businesses wonder whether recycling is worth the effort. After all, you’re only a small company and you produce a proportionate amount of waste. Yet, no matter how big or small your business is, you do have waste and you must deal with it efficiently. And recycling can add more to your waste management program than you might realise.  

In 2016, the UK created 222.9 million tonnes of waste. While construction and demolition were the big culprits, 41.7 million tonnes of waste came from commercial sources, including small businesses. 

How can recycling benefit your small business? Here are three ways that recycling could help you achieve your goals. 

Recycling Reduces Your Environmental Impact 

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment. For businesses, one of the most important ways to help is through a recycling program because you likely have much more waste than you know. For example, if you run a food manufacturing facility, then you generate approximately ten tons of unsorted waste per week. 

 When you recycle, you not only divert waste from landfills, but you help better manage existing resources and energy use, which protects our natural resources. 

 Switching from a skip to using a baler makes recycling even easier. A baler compacts your recyclable waste (including cardboard, plastic, and metal) into cubes that take up less space in your warehouse or waste area and makes them easier to transport to a recycling facility. 

Recycling Improves Profits & Sets Your Business Apart  

The economic benefits of recycling should be an important consideration for your business going forward. Given the importance of recycling for the environment, both customers and supply chain managers increasingly consider the “green” factor when making purchasing decisions.  

Consumers are looking more closely than you might realise. Last year, a YouGov survey found that 80% of consumers want to reduce their plastic waste and half of UK consumers will spend more if they can avoid excess packaging. 

Improvements in waste management also have a direct impact on your bottom line. For example, skip rental can cost upwards of £40 per week per skip, which then takes up valuable floor space. However, you can rent a waste baler for an average of £15-20 per week as well as saving on space and transport. It’s even possible to sell your bales to recycling mills, who may pay up to £60 per tonne of dry, baled cardboard. 

Governments Now Incentivise Recycling 

As a small business, you have obligations to follow waste regulations set out by the government. No matter where you operate, you’re now much more likely to focus on recycling. In Scotland, any and all businesses must present glass, metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard for recycling under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations. 

The UK government is also making waste more expensive. Landfill taxes in the UK are now much higher than in the past to discourage waste dumping. Those using the landfill began paying more than £90 per tonne on top of normal landfill rates beginning April 1, 2019 as a way to encourage recycling. 

Your city or local council will provide more information on their priorities and the services offered. For example, Invest Northern Ireland offers free consultancy support to businesses that aim to reduce their waste and energy costs. 

Are You Playing Your Part? 

Despite these unprecedented times you can help to play your part for the environment. As a small business, you may generate more waste than you know. Even if it seems manageable, everyone can be doing more to divert waste away from the landfill. Waste management is a team effort, and we all have a role to play. 

Remember that by recycling, you’re doing more than saving a few quid. You’re making a positive contribution to your local environment and local community.  

Are you making the most of your waste? Contact the team at LSM to learn how the right baler can make recycling even easier. 

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